How do you rate?

National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA League Tennis.  The primary goal of the program is to help all tennis players enjoy the game by providing a method of classifying skill levels for more compatible matches, group lessons, league play, tournaments and other programs. Click here for more information on the NTRP.

Self Rating

Overview of the NTRP Self-Rating Sytem (video tutorial) - Click Here

New players enter the program by rating themselves using the NTRP General and Specific Characteristics of Various Playing Levels, located in "National Tennis Rating Program" on the USTA League Tennis web page and in various USTA publications.  The opportunity to self-rate is provided at the time a player registers for a team.  The USTA publishes the General and Experienced Player Guidelines, a chart indicating minimum rating levels based on a player's tennis history. Click here to see chart.

If you s do not agree with rating received prior to accepting self rate click appeal.

  • Demo of Self-Rate as New Tennis Player (video tutorial) - Click Here
  • Instructions of Appealing Your Self-Rating (video tutorial) - Click Here

Players returning to USTA League Tennis will begin their league season with their current NTRP computer rating.  If that rating has expired they will self-rate to enter the program.

Demo of Self-Rate as Experienced Tennis Player (video tutorial) - Click Here

Avoid Self-Rate Disqualification

If you plan on play multiple NTRP levels your first league season make sure you play a match at the lower NTRP level first.

If you allow someone else to complete your self-rating process you the player will be ultimately responsible and held accountable for information submitted or omitted. Failure to self-rate in accordance with the Guidelines, or omission of information regarding a player’s tennis history, will subject the player as well as the captain and/or others who completed, assisted, condoned and/or approved an inappropriate self-rating to penalties and suspension.