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A series of organized match play offered at different clubs and tennis facilities in the Baton Rouge. The JTC series will run from late February – June 2018 and will be offered on either Friday evenings, Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. (Day, time and format will vary from week to week, depending on location.) Players can register for as little or as many events as they choose!

Suggested Player Age: 8-18

Suggested Player Skill Level: Level based play: Beginner/Intermediate (able to serve, rally and score), Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced. Depending on court availability, events will offer match play using orange, green and/or yellow balls.

Suggested Time Frame: 2 to 4 hours

Format: Players register individually. Each event will have his own registration form/link that can be found below.

Registration will close one day prior to event and GBRCTA will group players into divisions, based on skill level, not age. Players will play (3) 20-minute rounds (singles and doubles combined), followed by prizes and snacks/food. Players will earn points (for every game won) and by end of series in June, GBRCTA will add up points and award a grand prize to winners (orange ball winner, green ball winner and yellow ball winner).

Fees: $5 per player with a valid USTA membership.  If player does not have a valid USTA membership, then $10 per player. The value of a junior USTA membership is $20, so this is a great way to not only get in some match play but also get a great value of 1-year USTA junior membership!

GREATER BATON ROUGE PROS: Send a player or players to one of the GBRCTA Junior Tennis Challenge events and the GBRCTA will offer a stipend: $10/player for 1 to 5 players; or 5+ players = $10/player + $25 bonus.

*When registering, player must indicate on the registration form the pro who recommended the JTC event. Only one player/pro recommendation permitted. (In other words, if a player signs up for more than one JTC event, his/her pro will receive a $10 stipend for recommending that particular player.)