Exhibition 1

Sunday, August 19 at Highland Park

Exhibition 2

Sunday, September 23 at Independence Park

Exhibition 3

Sunday, October 7 at Highland Park



Registration Fee: $10/per player.

GBRCTA will supply courts, balls, drinks, snacks and prizes.

Registration opens Monday, October 1 and closes Friday, October 26 @ noon!

The Championships will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at YMCA Lamar Tennis Center from around 12:30-6:30 pm. Players, please be prepared to play anytime during that time frame!

The Fall Ball Championships will be a TEAM event. Each team will be assigned an “SEC” team name. (For example, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Florida, etc.) The number of teams and the number of players on each team will depend on the number of registered players. Each team will have the same number of players at equal levels of play. (For example, let’s say Team LSU consist of 2 Advanced players, 4 Intermediate players and 4 Intermediate/Beginner players, then all other “SEC” teams will have the same number of players, at that same levels of play. At the Fall Ball Championships, the Advanced players from one team will play the Advanced players from another team; Intermediate players from one team will play Intermediate players from another team; and Intermediate/Beginner players from one team will play Intermediate/Beginner players from another team.)

How are the teams formed?
Teams will be formed through a draft. Registration for the Fall Ball Championships will close at noon on Friday, October 26 and a draft will be held Friday evening.

How does the draft work?
All names of registered players will be placed in “hats”.  Each hat will represent a level of play (Hat #1 being the most advanced players), and each hat will be labeled a football position. For example, Hat #1: Quarterback, Hat #2: Running Back; Hat # 3: Tight End, Hat # 4: Safety, and Hat # 5: Kicker. The number of hats and the number of names in each hat will depend on the number of players.  If a large number of registrants, then more hats (positions/levels of play). If less registrants, then less hats.

Once all names are placed in the hats, volunteer captains (TEAM MANAGERS) will take turns picking names out of the hats. In the end, each TM will end up with an equal number of players on their teams (equal in number and in level). Team Mangers will be allowed to have their own kids/grandkids on their teams.

We will need a parent/volunteer (Team Manager) for each team!  If you sign up as a TM, registration fees for one child will be waived.  

The Role of a Team Manager: No tennis experience necessary! We would like TMs to attend the draft party on Friday evening, October 26. (Attendance will be recommended, but not required.) After the draft, TMs will be asked to send out an email to all their team members. TM’s will need to attend the Fall Ball Championships from start to finish (around 12:30-6:30pm). TM’s will not be asked to assign “positions” to their players because all positions will be assigned prior to the draft. TM’s will only be asked to keep track of their players and to inform all of their match times throughout the day. 

Match Format: A round robin type format consisting of singles and doubles; no-ad scoring; first to 6 games; TB at 5-5. In the end, the team with the most games won (not set or match wins), will be the Champs! 

Our Goal: To offer our Baton Rouge junior players fun and organized, yet competitive match play, in a team format!